Maybe if I keep reading this over and over again, it might sink into my thick skull.

Q. I’m scheduled to have a cesarean section. I know that in my situation it’s best for my baby, but I’m disappointed. I wanted so much to have a natural birth. Besides, I’m scared of surgery.

A. It’s normal to feel disappointed when the birth you hoped for will not be the birth you get, but the end result will be the same: you’ll see your baby! A healthy baby is your main goal, even if you will need some technological help. You have grown this baby inside of you. He or she will be your most important accomplishment; regardless of what route this special little person takes to get here.

All the natural childbirth information that is now available to women is great, yet it does set women up to feel like failures if they have to have surgery. Remember that a hundred years ago surgical birth was not a safe option, and be thankful that your cesarean will help ensure your baby’s health. It’s nice that you know about the surgery ahead of time so you can cope with the change of plans and not fight disappointment at the time of birth. You can also plan ahead and make the birth a positive experience for you and your baby. It takes maturity and a willingness to set aside your own desires to make the best of this situation. Having your baby surgically will be no less of an accomplishment than having a natural birth.

Excerpt from here.

Or maybe I will just come to terms with the fact that if I was pregnant a hundred years ago, I would probably have died during labour?
Or maybe I will just accept the fact that my cervix is incompetent and a freak of nature for failing to do its natural-born duty.
I should have just avoided that very first C-section at all costs to begin with, then I wouldn’t even have to be in this fix now.



3 thoughts on “Fix

      • Glad to be of (a bit of) help.. I’ve never stopped reading your blog, and you’re a great mom! How you give birth shld not, and must not, be a measuring stick to the kind of parent you are.. 🙂

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