32 and a half.

At 34 weeks with Kee, I had gained a total of 9.3kg. But now at 32 (and a half) weeks with Lisa, I’ve already hit 82.3kg – making the total pregnancy gain a hefty 12.3kg! WHAT.THE.HELL. Hopefully the doc is right on the point that most of the weight being “water weight” since I don’t seem to have grown much anywhere except the belly. Though it isn’t hard to believe that bulk of the fat accumulation could just be in the middle…

I blame the constant hunger, leading to the more than occasional bad food choice (high carb, empty calories, the shizz) and the undying girly hormone-driven sweet tooth! Come to think of it, I had a major sweet tooth when expecting Josh, and now he’s a sugar crazy preschooler who can’t go a day without asking if he can have something sugar laden. Kee on the other hand isn’t as mad for sweets, though he does enjoy a candy every now and then. This might mean Lisa will have some serious fights with me over her daily sugar quota!

I really should get some photos taken of my HUGE belly at this point, because I have reason to believe it’s even larger than when I had Kee. Pfffft. Explains why I can’t find any tops that fit comfortably anymore. My burgeoning middle has even outgrown my maternity tops!!

Dear Lord, may all the weight fall off effortlessly postpartum so that I will not need to work out and count calories like mad just to pass my own standards. May all jiggly bits be toned up with minimal – or no – effort. AMEN!



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