Death is too harsh a punishment.

While watching a short bit of “Alien VS Predator”…

Kee: Why the guy roll and roll?
Josh: He die already lah! The alien kill him!
Kee: Why kill the guy? He bad guy??
Josh: Because the guy burn the alien with fire mah! Make the alien angry, so take knife and kill the guy!
Kee: Ooooh. Then die (al)ready must roll and roll on the floor like that?
Josh: Only sometimes lah. Sometimes just lie there and never move already.
Me: Next time when you’re naughty, I’ll take the kitchen knife and kill you, then you see if you’ll roll around or not lor.
Kee: I DUNWAN!!!
Josh: Mom, just cane or smack us ok. No need to kill us with knife. Tsk.



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