2014 is (almost) here!  

But instead of the somewhat obligatory list of resolutions that everyone’s sharing via social media, I am listing down a list of things I would like to buy. Because it’s just in style with my spendthrift bimbotic ways. :mrgreen: And I’ve found the perfect place to suss out and compile this list… ZALORA!

And to make for easier temptation is Zalora’s mobile app. I have a tendency to window-shop or play games on my phone while waiting for Mr Sandman and this just makes it so much easier to compile a wishlist. Signing up for Zalora’s newsletter also gets you a $10 voucher, and an access pass to all their latest deals!

1. (More and more) SPORTSWEAR!!
I’m proud to announce I’ve picked up a weightlifting habit at the gym under the watchful eye of my protein-and-muscle-packed personal trainer. I literally develop Restless Muscle Syndrome if I’m forced to skip my twice-a-week sessions, then I end up bench pressing Lisa or lifting 23kg Joshua and doing sumo squats for 12 reps. (No shit.) So in light of my newfound healthy hobby, I am in need of more sports apparel. Also, sports bras just triumph wired bras.



While we’re at it, a new PINK water bottle wouldn’t hurt… :mrgreen:

2. Finally getting another piece of Desigual clothing

Ever since I “outgrew” the pieces I got post-Keegan, I never did get around to replacing them. I love the loud prints Desigual has, probably because it’s as loud as me!

3. Doing my manicures more often 

It’s somewhat shameful to admit that I’ve literally gone weeks without any polish on my nails since the birth of Lisa. And now that she’s 18 months old, I think I may just be able to find the time to keep them manicured more often than naked… (I’ve also discovered that Gelish isn’t that much of a Godsend to me like how other women view it. But that’s another story for another time…)


4. Crowning my glory again

My hair… oh, my hair. It’s dry, turning grey and generally unkempt. I’d blame it on multiple pregnancies, hormones, tiredness, or whatever, but the truth is, life – and my hair – would be so much prettier if I just had one of these…

Yes I know it sounds kinda weird (especially to the men) that the way to fix my hair is to “fry” it straight. But no one gives two hoots about how women get their hair pretty as long as it’s pretty! It’s a superficial world.

All in all, come 2014 I want to be in better shape than I was in 2013 – in all sense of the word. And I don’t want to be round even though it IS a shape.


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