chao banana.

Couldn’t quite figure out how to accurately express the %!@$$%^ frustration and irritation I feel when people mistake me for being a filipino maid.

First was last week, when I went for a walk with Lisa and an elderly woman asked: “You are from Philippines?” 
I told her “I am from Singapore!” while fervently rolling my eyes and walking away. Dunno why so kaypoh… 我是哪国的人又管你什么屁事! 👿

Then yesterday, when a door-to-door surveyor asked: “Is your Mam or Sir at home?” 
To which I curtly replied:WHAT Mam or Sir?” 

But yet somehow I couldn’t find it in me to reject doing his NS/Army government survey, so I peppered sarcasm throughout the interviewing… For example, question was: “As a Singaporean, how do you feel the image of the Army affects you?”

I said: “Apparently I don’t look Singaporean, so maybe I shouldn’t be affected.”

Another question: “Your occupation is…?”
“Obviously you think I’m a Filipino maid.”

Yes, I am actually VERY offended when people think I’m pinoy. 😡


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