2nd child is my first major headache.

Yesterday was the first time I was called in (as a parent) to meet with teachers to discuss “worsening behaviour”. My attention had been brought to this issue many times as a student, but never as a parent so far.

Suffice to say, the middle child in question does indeed take after my rebellious character – unlike the more “mainstream” characteristics that the firstborn inherits from his father. While his debonair style combined with devil-may-care attitude makes him oh-so-adorable, it is probably going to cause quite a few problems in his school-going years; this being the first of (what I presume to be) many to come.

After all, if he does take after me, drama is to be expected in the next few years (if not a whole decade or more).

Ironically, despite his likeness to me, I am beyond stumped when it comes to handling him. If my memory serves me right, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted when I was younger, often hopping from one decision to the next, but yet at the same time I was never quite happy with what I was offered. The situation did not improve until I was past my 20s. In the earlier days of my marriage, I was often justifying what I felt was “right” even though it was usually a load of bullcrap.

I do, however, hope that coming from the same f*cked up past would aid me in guiding Keegan onto the right psychological path much earlier than I had achieved on my own. Problem is, knowing me (therefore knowing some part of him) also means he would probably not listen.

The worst part of all this is that the third-born also takes after me, which pretty much means we’ll be in for a rough ride for the next decade… I can literally feel my white hair creeping out in “anticipation”.

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