Fashion Inspiration!

Inspiring fashion pieces from MDS Collections at ZALORA SG :

I’m not that much into shopping these days with the high bills of three kids, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love to look! :mrgreen:


Yellow Cut-Out Dress:
I’m loving the look of the cut-out dress, but not so much the yellow colour… somehow I find it too bright and “dated” – easily going passé once Spring/Summer turns into Fall/Winter season. Though to be honest, most Singaporean women don’t pay much attention to season colours and cuts; living in shorts and tank tops all round the year. Personally I would have preferred this in a more classic colour like navy, black or even cobalt blue. (Cobalt blue is a classic colour to me, not a season summer neon shade. LOL)

Peplum Dress: 
I’ve been figuring whether a peplum dress would be flattering for my (current lack of a) figure, but somehow haven’t gotten round to trying it yet. The unfortunate thing is, I bought a peplum dress before I got pregnant with Lisa, but then the pregnancy happened and the rest is history… I formerly had a tendency of spotting trends before they hit, and hopefully this knack won’t be leaving me anything soon?


Tribal top: 
I love the lines and the colour contrast! But this is something I would avoid until I can get my “chicken wings” under control… Also I’m not too sure how bust-flattering the top would be given its structured bodice, but I’m definitely attracted to the colour contrast and the pop of orange bias piping!

Lace Flared Top: 
Nice contrast of textures here, with a classic black-on-nude colour scheme. I would have however preferred the lace detail to be around the shoulders or bust (aka upper portion of the top) versus having it at the lower portion. Though I would admit having it placed the way it is does make for a visually smaller waistline…

Just through four pieces of clothing, you’ll come to realise why I would even think about making my own clothes! First off, my body shape is a tad weird, with armholes often being too big yet chest area being too snug – and it’s not even like I’m an F-cup or something… Secondly, I nitpick too much! Do you start to wonder what I actually wear day to day? :mrgreen:


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