Personal Network

Damien: the infamous younger brother who has a journal on DeviantArt as well.
Jack: the similarly infamous hippie father who blogs in Mandarin
Ivory: Friends since kindergarten days
Huei: The “accidental” friend ;p
goddessfreja: A goddess in her own right!
Fiona: MDIS ex-classmate / fashion fiend / writer
Raidah: The primary school mate that popped up from Friendster
Lexandria: Ah Beeeeeeee!
Max: aka Ah Peng the Hobbit
Ernest: aka Ah Neng the “Ah Girl” (?!?)
Honeymeow: Dreaming Reality

Online Network

Annie: The ninilicious Aspiring Wife
Husband of The Aspiring Wife
Angelia Tay
Leanne aka Sengky
Cheryl: The Baker Who Cooks
Eve the DaftBitch
Joe Augustin: The DJ
Scarlett Ting
Finicky Feline
Spiffy Krissy
The Ex-Bridezilla
abso-fuckin-lutely Orangeous

Barflies of the

Cowboy Caleb: The “God Almighty”
Barffie The Whine-pire Slayer
Nadnut. It’s pronounced as “nut-nut”!
Qiaoyun: The sometimes damsel in distress
modernburrow PMG
Ah 9: Where got space sluts?!
KingMeng The Google King
rainne the goddess
Bernard: Far Far Away in AussieLand
Teh Si Sui Dai Jit Puei!
Airpork: Flown fresh!

Other Reads

mr brown
Mr Miyagi
Karen Cheng
Kenny Sia
Joan Leong
Jon Choo


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