Fashion Inspiration!

Inspiring fashion pieces from MDS Collections at ZALORA SG :

I’m not that much into shopping these days with the high bills of three kids, but it doesn’t mean I don’t love to look! :mrgreen:


Yellow Cut-Out Dress:
I’m loving the look of the cut-out dress, but not so much the yellow colour… somehow I find it too bright and “dated” – easily going passé once Spring/Summer turns into Fall/Winter season. Though to be honest, most Singaporean women don’t pay much attention to season colours and cuts; living in shorts and tank tops all round the year. Personally I would have preferred this in a more classic colour like navy, black or even cobalt blue. (Cobalt blue is a classic colour to me, not a season summer neon shade. LOL)

Peplum Dress: 
I’ve been figuring whether a peplum dress would be flattering for my (current lack of a) figure, but somehow haven’t gotten round to trying it yet. The unfortunate thing is, I bought a peplum dress before I got pregnant with Lisa, but then the pregnancy happened and the rest is history… I formerly had a tendency of spotting trends before they hit, and hopefully this knack won’t be leaving me anything soon?


Tribal top: 
I love the lines and the colour contrast! But this is something I would avoid until I can get my “chicken wings” under control… Also I’m not too sure how bust-flattering the top would be given its structured bodice, but I’m definitely attracted to the colour contrast and the pop of orange bias piping!

Lace Flared Top: 
Nice contrast of textures here, with a classic black-on-nude colour scheme. I would have however preferred the lace detail to be around the shoulders or bust (aka upper portion of the top) versus having it at the lower portion. Though I would admit having it placed the way it is does make for a visually smaller waistline…

Just through four pieces of clothing, you’ll come to realise why I would even think about making my own clothes! First off, my body shape is a tad weird, with armholes often being too big yet chest area being too snug – and it’s not even like I’m an F-cup or something… Secondly, I nitpick too much! Do you start to wonder what I actually wear day to day? :mrgreen:


What I can’t make, I’ll have to buy.

So on the note of crafting and sewing, I’ve come to realise there’s something I don’t think I could ever make with my own hands: SHOES. Sure, I know of crafters who make baby booties and even leather-soled ballet flats, but a well-structured pair of heeled shoes is probably best left to expert shoe brands.

After my first pair of ALDO shoes back in 2007, I’ve been a convert and am now the (proud?) owner of five pairs of (too high) heels, plus a pair of black leather Nine West heel sandals I’ve pretty much worn to death since I bought one sale at $90ish before I got preggers with Lisa in 2011. Because I’m “old” now and can’t keep wearing those 5-inch ALDO heels anymore, and heels also make me way too tall to talk to my small kids so I end up having to bend over – or worse, squat down – and possibly flash some body parts at someone unknowingly.

So for the past year, I’ve been trying to find a pair of wedge sneakers in animal prints that would scream “THAT’S SO SHELLY!”. I’ve shortlisted two brands I’ve been dying to try out in recent years: Steve Madden and Vans. But sadly, I’ve not found the perfect pair yet… 😦

Thanks to technology (again!) I’ve taken to browsing Steve Madden shoes online in hopes of finding a pair without leaving the comfort of home. Then the most (predictably) peculiar pair of shoes caught my eye…

SWTROOPALE Laced Up Boots (Leather)

SWTROOPALE Laced Up Boots (Leather).[Photo courtesy of ZALORA SG]

To be honest, I’ve been eyeing this pair of boots for a while now because it’s one of those pairs with convenient zippers built-in! But given the weather here and the frequency in which I actually wear SHOES and not slip-on sandals or heels… ARGH DECISIONS DECISIONS. :mrgreen:


2014 is (almost) here!  

But instead of the somewhat obligatory list of resolutions that everyone’s sharing via social media, I am listing down a list of things I would like to buy. Because it’s just in style with my spendthrift bimbotic ways. :mrgreen: And I’ve found the perfect place to suss out and compile this list… ZALORA!

And to make for easier temptation is Zalora’s mobile app. I have a tendency to window-shop or play games on my phone while waiting for Mr Sandman and this just makes it so much easier to compile a wishlist. Signing up for Zalora’s newsletter also gets you a $10 voucher, and an access pass to all their latest deals!

1. (More and more) SPORTSWEAR!!
I’m proud to announce I’ve picked up a weightlifting habit at the gym under the watchful eye of my protein-and-muscle-packed personal trainer. I literally develop Restless Muscle Syndrome if I’m forced to skip my twice-a-week sessions, then I end up bench pressing Lisa or lifting 23kg Joshua and doing sumo squats for 12 reps. (No shit.) So in light of my newfound healthy hobby, I am in need of more sports apparel. Also, sports bras just triumph wired bras.



While we’re at it, a new PINK water bottle wouldn’t hurt… :mrgreen:

2. Finally getting another piece of Desigual clothing

Ever since I “outgrew” the pieces I got post-Keegan, I never did get around to replacing them. I love the loud prints Desigual has, probably because it’s as loud as me!

3. Doing my manicures more often 

It’s somewhat shameful to admit that I’ve literally gone weeks without any polish on my nails since the birth of Lisa. And now that she’s 18 months old, I think I may just be able to find the time to keep them manicured more often than naked… (I’ve also discovered that Gelish isn’t that much of a Godsend to me like how other women view it. But that’s another story for another time…)


4. Crowning my glory again

My hair… oh, my hair. It’s dry, turning grey and generally unkempt. I’d blame it on multiple pregnancies, hormones, tiredness, or whatever, but the truth is, life – and my hair – would be so much prettier if I just had one of these…

Yes I know it sounds kinda weird (especially to the men) that the way to fix my hair is to “fry” it straight. But no one gives two hoots about how women get their hair pretty as long as it’s pretty! It’s a superficial world.

All in all, come 2014 I want to be in better shape than I was in 2013 – in all sense of the word. And I don’t want to be round even though it IS a shape.

What do you want to be recognised for?



Modern lives now encompass so many different roles and duties. For me, this means being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, housekeeper, friend, employee and a business owner – all at the same time. And this list excludes other smaller less frequent roles such blogger, cook, pastry chef and oh, where does it even end??

Amidst all the juggling of roles in my daily life, one thing that I would like to be recognised for is my involvement in raising my two sons to be responsible, happy individuals who know themselves well.

Always my baby. :)

Josh reading menu

Everyone can (and should) be recognised for something – a personal achievement, a special moment in your life, an important role that you play in someone else’s life, or being a part of a major historical event like the Youth Olympic Games.

Take a moment to look inside yourself and find out what it is that you want to be recognised for. It is often what drives you in life and brings your spirits up. It doesn’t have to be something major, just something that truly important to you, even if it isn’t “mainstream” nor conventional.

And once you’ve figured that out, Aviva wants to hear your story! The leading provider of insurance, investment, health and retirement products has 53 million customers spanning over 28 countries. Their business is all about people, and because YOU are the big picture and the heart of everything they do, they want to know more about you.

Aviva is the largest insurer in the UK, and its involvement in the local insurance market cannot be overlooked. They are an appointed insurer for the local ElderShield scheme, insuring 50% of all new members; and also one of the biggest providers of employee benefits and healthcare, having protected SAF servicemen since 1983. (Same year I was born!)

Head on over to to share your story, and stand a chance to win a 64GB iPad equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G! Every week, there are THREE iPads going out to the top three entries with the most “Likes” between now until 28th November. That makes a total of TWELVE iPads to be won!  And if you’re not too sure what drives you, you can always view their Facebook gallery for some inspiration. 😉

You never know who you might inspire with your story. It doesn’t have to be long or wordy, just a couple of heartfelt sentences describing what you want to be recognised for, and you could be the proud owner of a new iPad!

How’s that for you being the big picture? 🙂

Life of A Wannabe

As if having lunch between 3-5pm every weekday wasn’t bad enough, the new title of “Businesswoman (Wannabe)” now makes sure that I overcook my lunch every single time. It stopped becoming funny seeing blackened charred food for the 198th time. (Figure estimated, actual statistics unknown.)

It’s a tug-of-war between spending time with the kids, cleaning up the always messy abode and getting my ass on the not-very-comfy office chair to work. I haven’t gone shopping for quite a while now, and the RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) is kicking in big time. I’m dying to go watch 2012, but I have to sort out my work, the kids, and… oh who the hell am I kidding, do I even have time and opportunity to watch a 157-minute long movie?!

On good days, I go to bed slightly past 2am – just after Keegan’s “long” stretch of sleep that starts between 9-10pm. On bad days, I crawl into bed at daybreak, starry-eyed from staring at the iMac for wayyy too long.

I would have to say none of this would be possible without Hubs’ help. He takes over the kids whenever he cans, settles their morning needs everyday so that I get to sleep in a bit longer, and has taken over laundry duties for everyone but me. (I just have to complain that my new “maid” is selectively doing everyone’s laundry but mine.)

Nonetheless, the job of breastfeeding still falls squarely on my shoulders. But now that it’s become somewhat of a norm to hook my boobies up to the breastpump every few hours, I’ve come to see it as just another part of my daily life. It’s not unbearable, but sometimes you just wish you didn’t have to do it.

I’m expecting things to come to a bearable weight once the initial setting-up of the business is done with. Then it’ll be onward with A&P campaigns! I’ve already got the schedule all planned out, now just have to buck up on my website customisation skills for the company site and the e-commerce store.


I’m not dead.

But obviously this space has been somewhat left to rot for the past couple of weeks. I can almost smell the muskiness… 😆

So anyways, some of you would have guessed that I’m embarking on a BIG MISSION of starting my own business. So far things have been going well, which explains why my fingers would rather draft out (yet another) email to the manufacturer, instead of typing idly (?) over here. I have no idea who is still reading – and who isn’t – and those who “miss” my rantings have professed through other channels like MSN, SMS, emails, etc.

So here’s the foreword: Don’t miss me too much cos I’m striking out on my own and I haven’t had much idle time since I’ve started. I see it as something constructive that I’m doing with my quite-the-bummer lifestyle ever since I’ve been married. Not to mention the deviation from the usual humdrum of domestic mamahood.

So far it’s been heaps of fun, playing around with numbers and figures, planning business strategies – which led to a complete overhaul in the initial plans of a web-store into a distributing company for Asia – and lining up A&P campaigns once the nitty-gritty website stuff is out of the way. Meanwhile, the company website still looks like shit.

I’m not going into play-play, this is serious business I’m talking about! So pardon me while I work things out (quite literally), and check out my flickr periodically for photos of the boys. Both of them are thriving on my breastmilk! *round of applause for myself and the trusty breastpump*

I’ll still try to record down the funny anecdotes that Joshua coughs up ever so often. But man, this is hard! He’s so funny everyday that I can’t possibly blog them all!

Daddy’s Boys.

Despite how some people say how the kids look more like me, or more like Daddy, I don’t really care. I think they’re cute and they always resemble Daddy more.


I love how Joshua shares (most things) very willingly. Just don’t touch his pillow, or he’ll bite.

DSC_1120 DSC_1126

Keegan’s face is an almost exact replica of Hubs. PHOTOCOPY CLONE!

And this is the precious expression that Hubs usually gives me when I ask if I can buy something (again):



Le Sigh.

You know, there was a time when I had to squeeze out stuff to blog about. The tons of insignificant stuff that floats around in my head, the mundane happenings (and “achievements”) of my domesticated life, and the 1001 complaints that I never seem to stop having.

Well, now I don’t have much to complain about anymore. Haven’t had any in quite awhile, and don’t think there will be any in the near future. Except for parenting issues, I guess.

And the greatest irony of all is how there’s so much more to update and record down, but yet I can’t seem to muster up the concentration nor motivation to get them down.

I failed to blog about:

  • how Joshua flooded our kitchen with water that’s 1-inch high. TWICE.
  • how we finally got a cane to discipline him with
  • the onset of his Terrible Twos, which to be honest, isn’t all that terrible but just a slight deviation from his usual obedient self
  • the birth story of Keegan (that wasn’t meant to be)
  • Keegan’s 1st month celebration
  • the latest home improvements we’ve done
  • the many amusing anecdotes courtesy of Joshua and Hubs
  • Joshua’s amazing developmental progress (I’m in shock every single day)
  • and so much more…

I’ll try to restart back to the one-post-per-day habit. I’ll really have to try. Because I don’t want to look back in future, and regret that I didn’t keep all these precious memories in writing. Right now I’m just recording snippets via Twitter because that’s about all fluent English that my writing brain can cough up.

And I think I should really start taking more photos of Keegan. But heck, the boy hates camera flash!!

Meanwhile, here’s my little Guitar Hero Wannabe rawking it out on his (very lame-looking) toy guitar:

The video ended abruptly because his curious self had to “see!?!” what I was filming. That’s why I say, how to video when he always wanna kaypoh?!?! Tsk tsk tsk.

If you listen in very closely, you’ll be able to hear him grunting (in rockstar fashion) along to his strumming! He also knew how to “wear” the guitar, without us even teaching him. We don’t know where he picked up the pretend guitar-ing from. We’ve never played with the Wii when he’s up and about lor!! (Except at the two Wii parties where he was present.)

And no, I am NOT going to let him touch my Guitar Hero at all. Not until he turns at least four.

Blogging now comes in bite-size bits!

Before I get any more complains about my slack in blogging and plurking, let me first clarify that you can stay updated with me through Twitter. If you can’t be arsed to sign up for an account, just come round to the blog and check out the Twitter widget on the sidebar.

My dear uncle Henrie checks the Twitter widget to make sure I haven’t popped, judging from the time of my last tweet. 😆 You can learn from him too!

And why haven’t I been blogging properly?

  • No inspiration – Attempts to video J for your amusement failed terribly.
  • No time – Nesting instinct kick in until I made my feet/ankles swell!
  • No brains – Like, DUH, as if you didn’t know that already.

So, how many of you are still around huh? Or sian of waiting for K to arrive liao? :mrgreen: