Limbu tio fraud case!

So we all know I was in the hospital – having a baby – from the afternoon of 16th August to the evening of 18th August. And therefore it would make no sense at all for me to buy plane tickets of any sort to go anywhere until Keegan is at least around 6 months old.

Unfortunately, the bank doesn’t know that.

Luckily (?) I have a habit of logging in to my bank account to check my bank account balance, and then shun bian check my credit card transactions. Then KNN, I saw this piece of shit EUR205.21 charged to MY SUPPLEMENTARY CARD for NO GODDAMN REASON.

Credit Card Fraud!

I have never bought anything in Euro dollars and I certainly didn’t do so last week! I immediately called up the bank and refuted the transaction. I was told that maybe I had bought plane tickets but had forgotten about it?? PLEASE LOR, YOU THINK I HAVE AMNESIA SI BOH?! Limbu never buy simi lanjiao plane tickets okay?!

So basically what will happen now is that my current supplementary card has been cancelled, with my replacement card arriving in my mailbox in 4-5 business days. The fraudulent charge of S$432.66 will be credited back while the bank takes about 6 weeks to investigate my “claim of fraud”. KNS. Confirm is fraud lah! In fact, I’ve only used my card for online purchases TWICE. So either I’m fucking suay, or I’m really fucking suay. 😕

I was thinking… The fucker who used my card to buy his/her plane tickets must submit personal documents in order to board the plane, right? So by right, if the bank contacts the airline, they can track the fucker via the details submitted along with the purchase of the plane tickets, then confirm can catch the fucker and prosecute him for fraud, right?? RIGHT?!?!


People, please be vigilant and check your credit card statements! Don’t tio suay and then stupidly pay for someone else’s purchases and not even realise it. 😦

And you expect me to put him where?!

It surprises me greatly when neighbours and shopowners in the area ask me: “Is Joshua going to school/childcare/nanny? How are you going to take care of two when the small one is born?!”

Erm… and why not?!

Many mothers have coped with more than 2 kids for bloody centuries, with some popping babies every fookin year. I don’t see them having any issues.

God gave me two hands and they can do more than just typing at super fast speeds. God also blessed me with a well-behaved and independent firstborn, who will undoubtedly be more help than trouble when his little brother comes along. I already have intentions of asking him to dump smelly diapers for me, as well as doing the family’s laundry.

Ok, I’m obviously joking about the laundry part. (Have a sense of humor, can’t you?)

Either these people look me no up, or there’s some strange new system on how children should be taken care of in these modern days. Nevertheless, what’s the big deal?! It’s just two kids. No one ever died from over-mothering lor. Let alone when I have a very hands-on Hubs who is on standby (as long as he’s not at work).

Wait til these people find out we’re not getting any confinement help… Do you think they’ll flip?

Lazy online sellers.

I’ve had it up to here with them.

It’s alright if the basic information provided on the page/post is not enough, as long as questions are answered when I bring them up. But fuck lor, don’t be so fucking lazy when you’re trying to sell off something lah!

Here’s what I’ve encountered:

CASE 1 – Toddler bed

This local eBay seller didn’t state what brand/model the bed was, and didn’t provide any images either, so I asked him for photos and dimensions. He told me to “go to Kiddy Mall in IMM to view it” myself because he had already “dismantled the bed”. Problem is, there is no “Kiddy Mall” in Singapore, it’s either Kiddy Palace or Kids Mall. Imagine if I was stupid enough to run around IMM for a “Kiddy Mall”…

Seller is damn lazy to not have taken any photos before dismantling the bed, and can’t be arsed to provide more info. Instead, he just pointed me to the store he bought it from – with the WRONG store name some more – and expect me to go source for the info myself. If he’s not keen to provide details, why should I bother dealing with him?

CASE 2 – PS2 console

I’m trying to find a PS2 console for my brother, and chanced on this fella selling it on SingaporeMotherhood forum for $150. I asked if we could deal at $120, s/he declined and offered to throw in all the games (some original and some non-original) for $180.

I asked for A LIST of the games he had, and received an email with photos of THREE original games and the fucked up line of “and some other games like Fifa 08”. And pray tell, what ARE those other games?! So lazy to even provide me with a game list, and you expect to close the deal?!

The thing that pissed me off even more about this seller is how s/he mentioned – on 11th June – for me to “decide soon as there are a few interested buyers”. But I’ve already decided not to bother because s/he can’t even be bothered to give me a list of the games. Then today, 13th June, I got another email asking if I’m “interested to trade this weekend”. Sorry, but no.

I hate dua kang people lor. If there ARE other interested buyers, why bother to follow-up with me? And why would the sales thread have been bumped up over a few days?! It’s such a cheap tactic to make me come to a quick decision by telling me there are others interested. I absolutely despise it.

Then I noticed the email address s/he replied me with: – and immediately I got extra pissed off. Don’t ask me why. I’m just biased that way. 😆


On the other hand, while there are hopelessly lazy (and dua kang) sellers, there are also fantastic friendly ones who answer queries and are prompt in the transaction. We’ve dealt with two such sellers in the last week, and the good experience really makes for a big difference!

From henceforth, I make it a point to immediately ignore and boycott sellers who have a strong aura of Can’t-Be-Fucking-Bothered. C’mon lah, I provide more info than these sellers when we give out stuff for free on SGFreeCycle lor!

What exactly is marriage?

I was watching telly and chatting on MSN, and suddenly I started wondering…

Is marriage about love?
Or is it about finding a suitable match in terms of what you can offer to each other?

How does any couple have or share “a life together” when both are happily booked full in their work and personal social lives?!

Why do people get married when they would rather have fulfilling personal lives instead of a fulfilling marriage that requires their devotion in terms of time and effort?

While I agree that it is important to have your own personal life after marriage, I am also unable to accept the idea of spending 90% of the time apart as two individuals instead of a married couple.

All these really deludes me.


I guess I’ll never understand how some minds work. They suddenly get mad at you and wipe you out of their virtual lives, without you ever finding out what you ever did to incur their displeasure.

I thought we had shared joys, laughter, secrets and a true friendship… But aye, that’s life, right?

People move on inadvertently, or sometimes upon realising one (or more) of your traits are not what they would like to be associated with.

I guess there were things about her that I never did like either. So since she’s found a need to move off, I should do so too.

But I cannot deny, the anger that is still boiling within me at this point, for being canned and not even knowing why. Because knowing her, she’d never tell. She’s just that sort of person who would walk away – and sometimes turning around to spit at you – and then leave you standing in the background; puzzled and shocked.

Lesson learnt.

Some things just never change.

When I decided to create a new category titled “Pregnancy Pizzazz”, I had no idea how little pizzazz this pregnancy journey would have. I didn’t foresee the ultimate shittiness that would overtake me in the tiniest of details. My miscalculation, I admit.

Or I could attribute it to Mother Nature’s cunning ability to make a woman forget how shitty the baby-growing process was, and be dumb enough to do it all over again. And therefore I have to keep reminding myself (all over the place) that I shall close factory after this one.

So now that this emotional roller-coaster has brought me to (yet another) low, I just feel a strong sensation to fuck the word “pizzazz”. Pizzazz my ass!

It’s as if my life is full of untimely fuck-ups and a whole bunch of legitimate excuses that just happen to crop up at the worst time possible. If you ask me if I can accept it as “destiny”, I will honestly have to admit I have my doubts. To a great extent, I believe a lot of it is manmade and 100% able to turn around in time for a happy ending.

But of course, a lot of that depends on the human itself.

When you’re playing a game of cooperation, you can’t just take things into your own hands and turn it around. You need the other fucker in the game to compromise and be willing to go your way. More often that not, the fucker is just – for lack of a better word – a fucker.

I get tired of this charade; a neverending story of apologies that don’t do jack and no ways nor means to “make up” for the screw-ups.

“Sorry” is often the easiest way to whittle your way out of an unfavorable situation. Just open your mouth and spew out the words. But one does not always have to feel sorry in order to say sorry.

They’re just words. Meaningless and empty on their own, unless backed by some sort of action or behaviour that is able to prove how apologetic one is. Usually, like the fool I am, I wait for these actions to follow. Well, I’ve been waiting for years now and am sad to announce that I have not yet seen any change nor willingness to change. All I continue to hear… are words.

So to those single people who sometimes envy others for having a life partner, I can tell you: Don’t.

You have your total sense of freedom and the ability to be carefree; the married folks have… well, someone who is there for them if their partner is in the mood.

What you often see is the image before rose-tinted glasses: the lovey-dovey, the “I have a shoulder to cry on”, and the “I wanna have your babies”. What you don’t notice is the intensive amount of compromises, bearing with promises unfulfilled and the eventual boredom that sets in after a few years.

Right now, I would give anything to be able to dress up and go out to party mindlessly. To mingle with the drunken crowd and not have to worry about if I can cope with tomorrow. But because I am harbouring his child – and have to take full responsibility of an older one – things just don’t work that way.

Sure, there are great moments in being married, but there are great moments in being single as well. You just have to cover one eye and live with the bad stuff. This is the ugly truth about marriage. The ugly truth that every marriage holds yet no one really talks about. I think it’s supposed to be taboo or something.

Cheap Cravings.

There is a downside to craving cheap affordable foods.

Like how I was wanting roast pork rice (叉烧烧肉饭) last night and all THREE STALLS that sell it were either closed or sold out by 8pm.

Hawker stalls are not exactly very reliable that way. They can randomly choose not to open their stall. If a certain item is sold out, you can be very sure that they won’t be “restocking” until the next day.

I would much rather have cravings for reliable restaurant food, so I don’t have to face the emotionally detrimental effects of craving disappointment. Only thing is, it ain’t cheap to crave restaurant standard foods everyday.

Even better, I’ve actually been having this sick taste in my mouth thanks to something called “morning sickness”. Thus killing most of my appetite every single fookin’ day, and greatly saving the amount of money I would spend eating (and then mercilessly regurgitating) and the amount of weight I would not put on like an impregnanted cow.

I’m hoping I can eat properly once the 2nd trimester starts.

Resigning To Fate

A friend of mine (who is on a strict exercise/diet plan) brought up an interesting thought some time ago: “If you call yourself a fat auntie (albeit jokingly) are you actually resigning yourself to the way you are?”

[Before you think too far and presume that I am poking fun at some people, please stop yourself before you look like a fool.]

It prompted some further probing, even further than what we had discussed. Except, in my delicate condition now, my brain was once again 2 steps slower than usual.

My take on it is this:

If you are truly happy being this “fat auntie” that you label yourself with, then there is nothing wrong at all. However, if you are unhappy with being a “fat auntie” then something needs to be done. And no one else can do it for you except yourself.

Surely we are all entitled to a bit of whining here and there, afterall, who doesn’t want to be as perfect as they can be, physically or otherwise? But if the general mood you have towards yourself is one of self-pride and contentment, who’s to tell you to change yourself?

Like I have been told countless times (politely or otherwise) that if I want more money to go around, I should stop parking my ass around and go out to earn some money.

But out of 6 days in a week, I am truly happy with what I have, so is there really a need for change? And mind you, it would be a BIG change at that should I discard the kid at some care centre and head off for work each day.

Would you make a big change if it would potentially make you happy for 1 day out of each week? Or would you rather keep to what you have now and be happy for 6 days instead?

Is there fault in wondering out loud about what-ifs? Or what-was?

Humans are blessed with the gift of memory; the ability to visualise future and to compare past with present. It is only natural that we are curious about “what if” and reminisce on “what used to be”.

Not everyone is a go-getter to work towards the “what if”. Sometimes your “what if” turns out more disastrous in reality that what you originally had. So what’s so bad about resigning to a current fate that is making you generally happy?

* Disclaimer: Unless your idea of happiness includes abuse of any form to yourself or others. Ie: alcoholic, gambling, overeating, violence, etc.

Woohoo to ’09?

Well, this is awkward. Seeing the slew of “recap” posts and “new year resolution” posts in (like what seems to be) a hundred other blogs, seriously, I’m so not going to conform. 😆

What I did in 2008 is pretty much like what I’ll still be doing in 2009:

  • Mothering
  • Wife-ing
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Whining (?)

Of course there are new year resolutions, both personal and family wise. Of course there are special moments in 2008 that are worth revisiting again and again. But these pages here… They’ve transformed.

It’s no longer a diary like how it was in the early years where every mundane crapshit gets noted down.

It’s never really been a place where each and every milestone of my child gets recorded for all (cyberspace) eternity.

It is definitely not a place where I show off or put people down. Mai siao. If you really think I am someone like that, it only goes to show how little you know me.

The stuff that airs here are the stuff that I feel I should remember. Be it good, bad, or ugly. It is also an outlet for me to vent and rant. Afterall, it is much less painful than bothering people to make them hear your whining, don’t you agree? If reading my whining hurts your eyes, you can close your browser window. (Such a simple theory and yet some just don’t get it. Talk about thick skulls.)

In 2009, what I wish to achieve for myself and my family are simple things: Happiness, Health and Prosperity. (Sibei cheena-pok and generic, I know.)

And here’s wishing the same to all of you willing readers who aren’t complaining about my complaining. 🙂

Festive Price Hike!

Why must Christmas and New Year dinners be so bloody fucking exorbitant?!?! A dinner for two is going to cost even more than what we spent at Halia on our third wedding anniversary!!

Is there no way to go for a nice romantic festive meal that won’t break the fucking bank??

Does this mean that I won’t be getting my yummy Christmas spread of ham, roast beef, turkey, etc? 😦

Fuck you capitalist businesses! (Ok, this statement is a bit redundant redundancy, but hormonally imbalanced people should be allowed to rant unintelligibly at outrageous price hikes.)

Yes, I am HIGHLY upset about not having a nice commercialised X’mas dinner for the… *counts fingers* … 5th year in a row. Someone promised… but apparently promises aren’t really fail-safe. 😦

Apparently I need yummy food in my happy place and there ain’t any yummy food here right now.

I am dreading tonight’s dinner.