A bottle carrier for my baby…

I finally got round to making a water bottle carrier for Lisa… It was not particularly easy considering:
(a) it’s small size – around the circumference of a regular soda can,
(b) the insulated material I had so cleverly wanted to include as a lining despite not having any prior experience with.

Also, the insulated material refused to feed through my machine, so almost 90% of the project was done by hand; powering the machine by manually turning the wheel instead of simply stepping on the foot pedal to start sewing. I had to get one of the kids to press down on the reverse lever on my machine each time I wanted to backstitch because I had to “force feed” the fabric through while turning the wheel – aka no more hands to press the reverse lever. 😆

If I have to make this again, I will make sure her bottle has been “upsized” to something more similar to the boys’ 700ml bottles. Bottle carriers are readily available in stores due to the size, but for Lisa, everything was too big and the straps were too thick and always cutting into her shoulders and neck. So thus, mama to the rescue with her lacklustre DIY skills. :mrgreen: Now she can finally go out for dinner with her bottle in a little bag without fighting to borrow one of the boys’ Ben 10 carriers.

Like I’ve said before… I don’t know WHEN I’d be able to start with sewing clothes when all I keep doing is making things (not clothes) for the kids and the house. 😐


After several fairly successful attempts at upcycling and refashioning clothes, I have come to one conclusion: The entire process takes a lot longer than making something out of brand new fabric. For the past couple of times, I spent more time picking out old seams and circumventing existing features like faux buttonflys when cutting it down than the actual time spent to sew it. ARGH.

But hey, all in the name of being eco-friendly right? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
(Also I’d hate to admit it, but I am somewhat reluctant to cut into the pristine beautiful fabrics in my growing stash for fear of screwing up the sewing.)

This one’s still my fave one so far, winning boring “size-down pants for boys” projects with its gorgeous purple hue and girlish gown look.

In today’s news…

It’s been slightly over a month since I’ve been working in news. Well, sort of. My job is to go through the day’s papers that I’ve been allotted to, and cough up related news synopses for the ease of the client/s. While it may sound fairly simple, it’s actually much harder to do because:

  1. My standard daily paper is the 联合早报 (Lianhe Zaobao), which means it’s written entirely in Mandarin and I have to do a translation-cum-synopsis. AKA ” so much s l o w e r”…
  2. I have less than 3.5 hours each day to complete my work. So I get up at 6am daily or earlier (depending on projected news volume).
  3. National events are the worst. News go on for days and days on the same topic/s and it bores the hell out of me re-reading – and rewriting – the same background info.
  4. SPH is a pain in the ass and constantly conks up the Zaobao server, leading to inability to access the day’s news. A printed copy works, but unfortunately fairly inefficient as my eyes have to toggle between paper and PC at a neck-straining angle, and there’s no ability to copy & paste when I need to research a featured person’s proper English name.

The good thing about all this is, the salary is pretty decent for a home-based job and I finish work by 10am daily unless there is an exceptionally high volume of news. That said, based on some other similar job positions advertised, I have a niggling feeling that I’m being slightly underpaid… You see, I saw a job opening for a “news clipper” working 7.30am to 9.30am daily. The job scope was to simply scan relevant news articles and email them in. The listed salary for this was a FIXED $700 per month. Right now I’m taking in a couple hundred more than that, but I have to write + translate?! As far as I know, translation work is not something that pays little, so I will probably be asking for more after I’ve “settled in”.

In other news, I’ve recently picked up a sewing hobby!! It has an amazing ability to clear my mind in a meditative sort of way as I scheme how to turn cloth and old clothes into… clothing pieces. It started as an waste-minimising attempt to refashion a HUGE pile of old clothes thanks to pregnancy and growing kids, but evolved into using actual flat pieces of fabrics. Unfortunately in Singapore, fabric prices aren’t the cheapest so I probably wouldn’t go into making a ton of handmade clothes. (Even though I really want to.) But I’ve found a few great places to shop for cheap fabric, so I’ll be compiling a list and putting them up on a blog page!

Chinatown area is SO NOT the best-priced fabric market like what everyone says. I’ve encountered similar fabrics going for much lower elsewhere!