One day…

We saw this set today when we were out for lunch, and the only reason stopping me from wanting it, is that I can’t play mahjong at all.

Well, if I ever learn how to play mahjong, I will buy a disgustingly pink Hello Kitty mahjong set. :mrgreen:

Damn. I wish I could fly to Hong Kong and surround myself with Hello Kitty goodness, smelly beancurd, night shopping until 3am, cooler weather and H&M.

“Building” bears

We went to Build-A-Bear at Plaza Singapura on Saturday, and we “built” our own plush toys!

I got the limited edition Tropical Hello Kitty ($38.90). It’s a gift from PapaNash!

Tanned Hello Kitty

And she wears Hello Kitty panties.

Kitty's Undies

I would have gave her a Hello Kitty mini tee to wear, except I found it damn weird for her to be wearing a tee with her own face on it. She’s currently dressed for lounging around at home.

Check out her name on the “birth cert”:

Kitty's "birth cert"

The cashier was like, “And your kitty’s name is…” *looks at cert and stuns* I told her she didn’t have to read out the name since there were kids around.

Of course, Joshua the S.N.A.G wanted a plushie too. And this is what he picked:

Joshua's bear

Meet Fiona the Bear ($17.90). Don’t ask me why. He picked the name.

And he also tottered over to the shelves and picked out the pink tutu she wears.

Pink Tutu

Somehow he decided that this bear had to be a girl. And she has to wear a pink tutu. We put back the tutu several times, but he just kept going back to point at it and insists the bear has to wear it. We wanted to get a top for the bear, but he refused. Don’t ask me why. Ask him. *points to Joshua*

Fiona Bear’s birth cert:

Fiona bear's "birth cert"

I had to fend off accusing comments from the in-laws about WHY this bear is a girl. They said it should be a boy since Joshua is a boy. Really, DON’T ASK ME. 😕

PapaNash says it’s CORRECT for Joshua to want a girl. He’s a boy, so his bed-mates should be girls. If he picked a boy, then it’ll be more gay, isn’t it? I don’t know, and honestly I don’t give a shit. Joshua still adores cars and motorbikes. But, does it really matter?

All I know is, I want to get a bathrobe for my Kitty. Plaza Singapura’s store isn’t very well-stocked so I’m going to re-dress my kitty. I just didn’t want her to be “naked” while I find the perfect outfit. :mrgreen:

my shopping haul

Because I got nothing else “smart” to blog about. I’m a bimbo, remember? :mrgreen:

My favourite Hello Kitty!! Was damn lucky to chance upon it at Novena Square’s Watson’s. The stuff was so new, half of them weren’t even tagged with prices yet!


From left, clockwise: Bath sponge (cutesy and Joshua loves it), nail buffer, perfume (smells lovely!), strawberry lipbalm (with super huge Hello Kitty figure), Hand & Body lotion, nail polish, face towel (its expands after u pop it into water!). $40+ for everything you see here.

I was sibei happy hokay! Thanks Hubs! 🙂

There was still various sizes of shower+bath gel, shampoo, lip gloss (in 4 colors) and eyeshadow. There’s this big Hello Kitty plastic figure that comes with shower gel inside, but you have to PULL OFF HER HEAD in order to access the soap. I found that outwardly freaky, so I didn’t buy it.

I would have taken pics of the pretty pink/purple store display as well, except the Watsons staff hurriedly stood in my way and said “No pictures.” I asked her why cannot, she said the supplier stated cannot let allow photography of the display/products. 😦

16-06-08_Cotton ON

11 pieces of Cotton On clothing. Sibei shiok. I just basically grabbed and grabbed whatever I fancied then went to try them on. $5, $7.50 and $10 each leh! How not to buy?! Nash got some men’s polo tees as well, but not as scary as what I got… 😆

If you want to shop the Cotton On sales but want to do without that constant crowd in the store, hit the huge outlet they have at Novena Velocity (linked to Novena Square). They have more styles than other stores as well.

My shopping haul for Sunday! Woohoo!!!!!!! *bimbotic giggle*

pussy power x 3!

The three kittens I’ve been fostering since late April…


No thanks to Vandalin. Now they’re much bigger and less fragile-looking!


Biggie. Because she’s the eldest one of the trio. She’s quiet and reserved. Preferring to stick to either one of us adult humans than to frolic with her siblings.


Midi, sleeping on my side. Tiny, sleeping on my *ahem* crotch. Both are boys and similarly named after their birth ranking. I’m not very creative with names, yes I know.

Midi’s a manja baby who likes to nap around my feet while at I’m the laptop and loves to beg for hugs. Tiny’s very active, loves to walk backwards on his hind feet and friendly towards all guests. I can’t say the same about Biggie who hisses at strangers who come into our home.

These kittens are up for adoption.

We may be keeping Biggie, as she’s very attached to us and the home already. Like I said, she hisses at our visitors.

All three of them are litterbox-trained and on dry kitten food already.

09-05-08_Midi Poop

Please email me (email address on right sidebar) if you are keen to adopt. They are approximately 16 weeks old now and ready to be adopted by a loving family willing to shelter them for life.

A Hello Kitty Mother’s Day!

Hubs got me a Mother’s Day gift last week…

Hello Kitty DSL pouch

so that it will “complete” the set of my DS lite…

Hello Kitty Devil DSL decal

that I zhng-ed with Hello Kitty DS lite decals…

Hello Kitty Devil DSL decal

of Hello Kitty Devil (special limited edition available officially only in Japan).

Hello Kitty Devil DSL decal

It also nicely matches this pouch that I’ve been using for almost a year.

Hello Kitty Devil pouch

Hubs got it for me when I was in the early stages of breastfeeding Joshua and was in constant pain and frustration from my seemingly permanently engorged breasts.

To top it all off, Joshua himself gave me a “present”…

Yeah. It’s sweeeeeeeeeeet. :mrgreen: Can’t you see my baby loves me to bits?


May this special bond between mothers and child(ren) last forever.

07-05-08_The boy sleeps

I only wish… my baby would lay on my chest and rest… for as long as he wishes to. He’s only 11 months old, and I am already dreading the day when he will fly the nest to start one of his own.

*sigh* Mothers. :mrgreen:

eulogy for a kitty

Despite seemingly unaffected by the recent loss of Cinders, I am still prone to wet eyes and flowing tears that come with barely any warning.

I took a shower, walked into the wardrobe, and saw her bed in the corner of the room. My nose turned sour, and I felt my heart wrench. As I dried myself up and went to the living room, I sat down and my tears starting to flow freely.


I miss that tinkling sound that she makes as she half-skips all over the place.

I suddenly miss the purring symphony that she makes when you sit her on your lap and stroke her belly.

I miss how she’d always come to the door to greet you when you get home.


I miss everything about her. From the tips of her ears to her imperfect bent tail.

I didn’t know it would be so hard. But I knew it would come eventually. This was just… premature.


I had dreams of her and Joshua being best playmates. And they were. For a short while.

I dreamt of her growing old as Joshua was growing up, and how they’d become best friends and sleep together at night.


I dreamt of a lot of things. Plans that included her.

I remember how worried we were when we went to KL, even though we had a very reliable contact for a catsitter and she won our trust as she tried to make friends with our atas kitty. We requested for her to update us daily on Cinders’ situation. Because, really, we were worried.

When we came home, we were greeted by her at the door, as usual. It was lovely to see her again, and our little family of four united once again.

Sometimes, I think we should have gotten a dog so that we can bring her out along with us and not be stared at by curious strangers.

26-11-06_Cind Tshirt Pose

Cinders, Mommy misses you. Your chicken breath when you lick my face. How easily you purr. Your soft little mews when you come and ask for food. And your hyperactive running up and down the flat as you chase some invisible monster.

We didn’t have that long a relationship, but you will have a special place in my heart. Forever.

You are dearly missed. By us, and by everyone who has ever met your sweet little face.

I love you. Papa loves you even more. And even though Joshua may not remember much about you, I will show him the pictures where both of you had fun together and he will feel a heartwarming sensation that he wouldn’t know comes from where.

Sleep tight, baby. Mommy will see you again someday.

One last time, to see you in motion.

Final goodbye.

Yesterday, Hubs printed out 20 posters with Cinders’ photo and info, and he pasted them at all the nearby lift lobbies. We offered a reward in hope that it would entice people to bring her back to us.

This morning at about 9.30am, I recieved a call from a Malay man who introduced himself as the cleaner in our estate. He says he found Cinders’ body at the void deck floor on Wednesday morning around 7am.

He said he remembers clearly because he thought that she was very pretty, and that it was “wasted” that she died.

So there.

I told you guys she wouldn’t and couldn’t have ran out. She really fell out from the window.


Goodbye, Cinders. We will never forget you.

P.S. Again, please don’t be insensitive pricks and come ask me why/how/when she fell out the window. I would like to have some answers myself as well. But since no one will know the actual happenings that led up to the accident, don’t come and ask me for the answers that I don’t have.

Cinders is missing.


I must have been stupid or something, but I didn’t realise the girl was missing even though I’ve been up since 8am.

Somehow I just never noticed.

Maybe it’s because she’s usually napping in some corner during the day, and doesn’t really emerge from her cosy corner until dusk rolls round.

And now that the sun is starting to set, and she’s still not out, then something felt amiss.

I shook her food jar, and I didn’t hear the tinkling that would usually start sounding shortly after. We called out to her, and we didn’t hear any mewing in response. Neither did she appear anywhere.


My brother happened to be here for a visit, so we went downstairs to see if there was any cat corpse lying lifeless on the cement pavement. But nothing.

My mother-in-law called to say that she’ll be bringing round dinner soon, and I just broke down. She said we treated her well, and let’s just see if she would come home in a couple of days.

But it’s not possible, cos she didn’t (and couldn’t) have gone out the gate with the plastic we’re boarded up the gate with.

The only way she could possibly have gone out, would be out the windows at the back. Which means a long way down to a painful death on level 1 from our 10th storey home.

The last time anyone saw her was early last night, when Nash took her out from the bedroom because I was already in bed. Since then, no one has seen her around.

I know she wouldn’t have gone running out, because she ever got lost before when she ran away from home and she got so scared, she never dared to venture further than our neighbour’s home 3 doors down. She likes the auntie who lives there, and the feeling is mutual. Other than that, she never goes anywhere else.

Baby Girl, pleaseeeeeeeeee come back safe and sound.

You’ve only been here since October 2006. It’s not been long enough yet.

My worst fears have come true.

No more cutesy kitty behaviour in this house from hereforth. 😦

P.S. Don’t be insensitive pricks and ask where she’s gone to, or how she went missing. There’s a difference between “ran away”, “missing” and “dead”. She’s MISSING. If we knew how or where she’d gone to, we would have found her already.