The Great Geek Debate

So I want a lightweight portable computer device… The fight is between a MacBook Air, HTC Flyer and Asus Eee Pad Transformer (stupid name).

The iPad has been ultra failz in terms of work. It has, however, proved to be a fun device for play thanks to the various apps available only for iOS. Plenty of educational apps for the kids, and some stupid ones for me (like Smurfs and Coin Dozer). The iPad version of Evernote does not support Rich Text, which gives me a major headache as it is imperative for me to bold/underline headlines in proposals and my other forms of typing. My iPad 1 also has no camera function for enhanced note-taking – particularly useful now for my preparation of the new home.

I’m sorry I ever wanted you, iPad. Cos you really suck bad in terms of multi-functionality. You’re only good as a Flash-less plaything. And even then, you don’t load desktop version of Facebook very well, lagging way too often when trying to display notifications. I do thank you, however, for educating my children in animal sounds, Chinese words, and the likes.

Ok, through the course of this “debate” the MacBook Air has been struck out due to its hefty price tag. No, a MacBook won’t do because it’s heavy and I’m looking for portability. Under 1kg would be fabulous, thank you very much.

The fight is tough, as detailed below:

HTC Flyer Asus Transformer
Price $899 $799 (with dock)
Hardware Keyboard No Yes
Writing Capability Yes No
Full-functioned? No Supposedly Yes
Screen size 7″ 10.1″
Weight 420 g 680 g
Front Camera 1.3 mpx 1.2 mpx
Rear Camera 5 mpx autofocus 5 mpx
Flash supported? Yes Yes

However, further research on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer revealed that the optional dock (also the hardware keyboard part of it) weighs 4lbs (1.8kg) which totals the weight to a hefty 2.4kg. Heavier than a Macbook Air, which is only 1.32kg! This pretty much defeats the portability function, considering I don’t have the strongest shoulders.

If only the HTC Flyer was a tad cheaper at $600+, this debate would be a no-brainer. Alas, it is going for $899 as a GSS promotion at the PC show, usually priced at $1098 (which I suspect no retailers would actually sell it at).

But you know what? After all this talk, I realise I could actually get both the Asus Eee Pad and the HTC Flyer for the price of a MacBook Air… with change to spare for accessories!! 😆 That aside, seems like we have a clear winner (pricing aside). Thank you for reading my thinking aloud! 😆

Chuat dio.

While letting Kee “read” the Toy Story e-book on my iPad, he started tapping on the touchscreen along with the tune of “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”. Then JENG JENG JENG, my iPad zoomed in onto Woody’s face and refused to zoom out. Pinch+drag didn’t work. I shut it down and booted it up again hoping that would work. JENG JENG JENG, didn’t work.

After some Googling (on the iMac, considering the iPad was in a permanent massively zoomed in state), the answer was: Tap the touchscreen 3 times with 3 fingers.


Seriously chuat dio sia… I thought my iPad died under the cute chubby hands of Kee.

To Move or Not To Move…

It’s 2010, a “nice number” of sorts, and I’ve been seeking a new beginning to… well, begin anew.

While it’s not currently possible to move house (as much as I wish I could) or to do much else, I figured it wouldn’t be too much if I was to shift to my own blog domain. My birthday’s next month (yippee to aging another year) and I figured it would be a good present for myself, besides renewing my flickr pro account again.

It’s a good way to weed out “link exchange” spams from stupid spam sites and blog stalkers, since I have no intention to auto-direct traffic from here to my new domain. I won’t be shifting my archives over to the new blog either, so there’s no way stalkers can sneakily google for me – even if they were idle and inclined enough to do so.

All family members would take on new nicknames, and while people could still be free to stalk my twitter, there wouldn’t be much content there save for some snippets.

My email address would still be there for long-time readers to contact me for the new URL, but to those who enjoy lurking silently and then using my life as a tea-time topic… good luck to them for finding someone new to bitch about.

So… the question begs to be answered: To move or not to move?

I’m guess I’m quite set on moving, it’s just a matter of when, and if the new blog should share the current hosting plan for my business site.

(Ok, I know this post is somewhat redundant since I’m already set on moving. Oh, what’s new with Shelly? :mrgreen: )

Overestimation of self.

After much grappling, fondling, grasping, tweaking, I finally concede defeat. I am not any good with customising websites with e-commerce shopping cart systems. Setting it up was relatively easy-peasy, but the customising of the website layout… OMFG KILL ME PLEASE. I swear my eyes started popping out a couple of hours into it.

Although I would have to say I’m definitely less n00b-ish now when it comes to terms like mySQL, PHP, FTP and the various e-commerce softwares like osCommerce, Zen Cart and Cubecart.

Nonetheless, knowing these geekspeak doesn’t solve my problem, and the website doesn’t just set itself up nicely. So… who knows a good web-designer who knows how to fuck around template layouts to work seamlessly with osCommerce? Looking for affordable rates, of course.


Limbu tio fraud case!

So we all know I was in the hospital – having a baby – from the afternoon of 16th August to the evening of 18th August. And therefore it would make no sense at all for me to buy plane tickets of any sort to go anywhere until Keegan is at least around 6 months old.

Unfortunately, the bank doesn’t know that.

Luckily (?) I have a habit of logging in to my bank account to check my bank account balance, and then shun bian check my credit card transactions. Then KNN, I saw this piece of shit EUR205.21 charged to MY SUPPLEMENTARY CARD for NO GODDAMN REASON.

Credit Card Fraud!

I have never bought anything in Euro dollars and I certainly didn’t do so last week! I immediately called up the bank and refuted the transaction. I was told that maybe I had bought plane tickets but had forgotten about it?? PLEASE LOR, YOU THINK I HAVE AMNESIA SI BOH?! Limbu never buy simi lanjiao plane tickets okay?!

So basically what will happen now is that my current supplementary card has been cancelled, with my replacement card arriving in my mailbox in 4-5 business days. The fraudulent charge of S$432.66 will be credited back while the bank takes about 6 weeks to investigate my “claim of fraud”. KNS. Confirm is fraud lah! In fact, I’ve only used my card for online purchases TWICE. So either I’m fucking suay, or I’m really fucking suay. 😕

I was thinking… The fucker who used my card to buy his/her plane tickets must submit personal documents in order to board the plane, right? So by right, if the bank contacts the airline, they can track the fucker via the details submitted along with the purchase of the plane tickets, then confirm can catch the fucker and prosecute him for fraud, right?? RIGHT?!?!


People, please be vigilant and check your credit card statements! Don’t tio suay and then stupidly pay for someone else’s purchases and not even realise it. 😦

Cos it was “cheap & good”.

It may please some people (Barffie, I’m talking about you) to know that I am now the owner of a Nokia E63. In red.


The reason for purchasing a Nokia even though I’ve not been keen in the brand since 2004? Simply because – to quote Hubs – it’s “cheap and good”. It’s wifi-enabled, qwerty keypad, 3.5mm audio jack, and most of what I need in a phone. Best of all, Mustafa was selling it for $395.

I was gonna go for an LG KS360 – retailing at $205 – because it was pink, cute and has qwerty keypad. It’s not wifi-enabled though, which means I would have to surf using my mobile data plan. But Hubs said to just get the E63 because it was time to “test” the newer Nokia models. He believes that they are less crappy than the models that were released between 2004 to 2007 and had common shortcomings of lagging, hanging and crashing.

The only downside of E63 would probably be the 2mpx camera, which I don’t really give a flying fuck about anyway considering how our D40 reacts much faster and produces quality photos. I hate how most compact cameras have this lag time when you press the shutter release, making me miss Joshua’s split-second expressions.

So… Let’s see how this Nokia performs, shall we?

My phone spoil. Again. :(

It wasn’t too long ago that my Motorola V9 started cranking up and then announcing its “terminal illness”. I heartlessly selected the Motorola ZN5 to replace it – which Hubs promptly bought for me as an anniversary gift – and now the ZN5 is also down with terminal illness.

I am needing a new phone again. 😦

Hubs is kinda jumpy that I may need to make an emergency call while I’m out, and the phone would crank up on me and then I would be left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Although the possibility of me being ready to birth but being unable to reach anyone is pretty much absurd – if anything this country is overpopulated and there will always be someone no matter where – I can’t deny that the thought does send miniature jitters down my back.

So now I’m searching for a phone that is:

  • affordable (duh)
  • WiFi-enabled, tabbed browsing is definitely a bonus
  • slide-out QWERTY keyboard, for ease of typing
  • expandable memory via mini-SD
  • decent camera quality, because I don’t always carry the D40 out
  • in some pretty color instead of the boring blacks all over the place

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s actually a pretty tall order. I’ve been doing my techno-research for the past 2 weeks and haven’t found naught. Some QWERTY keyboards have such bloody tiny keys I have no idea how people actually type with them, thus I decided mine would have to be a slide-out QWERTY because these seem to have larger keys to suit my fat fingers.


Wii! It’s Mother’s Day!

Sistic tickets for…

Aaron Kwok’s concert!!

But apparently because it won’t happen until 30th May – and Hubs always persists that I am someone who craves instant gratification – he got me TWO more gifts that can be enjoyed immediately.

Either Hubs thinks I’ve been a pretty good mom, or he’s just finding reasons to spoil me rotten before I take on double tasks as a mother of two little boys. :mrgreen:

Why the posts get shorter and shorter.

It’s because my 4.5 year old iBook G4 is shitting the hell out of me by constantly lagging. The more I type, the more I notice how slow this bloody machine is getting. If I was spelling “miraculously”, I’d be done typing the whole word and still be seeing the letters pop up slowly one by one somewhere around the letter “c”.

At first I was blamed it on slow internet connectivity. Then on the fact that my laptop hasn’t had enough off-time to rest and reboot. Now after 2 weeks of the damned plastic getting slower and slower, I am ready to tear my hair out and SCREAM.

There is nothing wrong with anything except for the fact that my machine is getting way too old to work like a nimble zippy new computer.

Give me my new iMac pronto before I throw this plastic on the floor and stamp on it heartlessly with all my 75.3kg of weight.

There is no room for sympathy left in me – it’s been taken up by a growing baby, sore expanding tits and a sore back.