The Arrival of (another) Screamer.

Everyone is constantly fooled by Keegan’s jovial appearance. “Oh, he smiles so easily! Such a happy baby!”

Yeah right. 😕

Apart from the sociable pretence, this little boy is one hell of a screamer. Away from the public eye, he screams for virtually anything and everything. You know how most babies would cry for milk? He doesn’t, he screams for it. And if anything doesn’t go his way, he screams until it does.

It ain’t anything new in this household. Not too long ago, Joshua was languishing his existence as a screamer as well. Except his was a milder case, only escalating to screaming if no one responds to him within, say… 30 seconds. Not much of a buffer time there, but it’s better than this newly arrived immediate screamer.

Keegan, was by no means, more troublesome a newborn than Joshua was. But he is slowly becoming a menace in his own right. Now, to nip it in the bud before he turns into a brat.

Rule #1:
Scream, and you’re grounded. (For 10 minutes at least – in the cot, with the door closed.)

Rule #2:
Scream, and be ignored. If you want anything, ask nicely. (Or in a baby’s case, babble babytalk nicely.)

Rule #3:
I am your mother, and I will not be bullied by you. Capisce?!

These simple rules worked very well with Joshua when he was around this age. I’m just hoping for the same fantastic results with Keegan.


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