Want to quit this country.

Time and time again, I’ve been told by expats how much they love it here – the cleanliness, safety, prosperity, etc. But being born and bred here (and without the financial means to upkeep the high costs of living) makes me one doubtful Jane.

But now that I’ve planted the seed of migrating somewhere else, the following has dawned upon me:

  • People who move here are people who can afford the costs of living here – so naturally they would have no complaints about prices they would have known prior.
  • You only move to a new country if there was “something wrong” with the previous one – which is why most who have relocated would give you bad reviews if asked what their previous country is like.
  • There’s something here they want/need/enjoy – for some it’s the all-year tropical weather, for others it’s the business-friendly environment and various schemes tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs. Truth is, as a local, sometimes you just can’t get enough capital to start-up with sky-high rentals and overheads.

So now to find that place on Earth for me and the family where we can be less restrained by the the overpopulation and crampings of finances…


4 thoughts on “Want to quit this country.

  1. hi shelly, i have not been following your blog every since i had a baby 2 years ago! anyway, i just wanted to let you know that over the straits, this country is not faring any better too 😦

    • How are you and baby?? Sending lots of love to you both (and baby-daddy)
      I saw some time ago that your blog was quiet for a long long time too. It’s normal for that to happen post-kids. :p
      Please email or something to keep in touch!

  2. motherhood is….nerve wrecking! bah! i should update, maybe it will help keep my sanity!

    and you’re doing great there 🙂

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