No, he didn’t need me.

I was, unfortunately, still awake at 4am – wrapping up items to be mailed on behalf of someone – when I decided to go shower and hit the sack. Halfway through my shower, it started to frickin POUR.

I couldn’t possibly run around naked and dripping wet in a bid to shut all the windows. That would be courting trouble by inviting myself to slip on my own wet soles and God knows what would happen if I was to fall and land on my huge baby-belly!

So I had to just finish up my shower doubly quick, get dressed and proceed to shut the rain out.

When I got to Joshua’s room, he was lying wide awake in bed – quietly watching the random raindrops coming in through his window. He turned around to look at me, and pointed to his window while mumbling some baby words. I told him yes, mommy’s going to close the windows for you. And I did just that.

After that, I put my face beside his and kissed him. I asked him if he was scared. He shook his head and mumbled some more “words” while pointing at the window. Then he pushed me away and said goodnight!

I could never understand how he can enjoy thunderstorms to the point where he would actually want his mommy to shove off out of his room so he can watch them quietly on his own. In the darkness of his room.

I thought little kids were supposed to be afraid of thunderstorms.


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