Almost 7.

Maybe I was never shown nor taught the right thing from a young age, but now that I have almost everything it suddenly becomes clear what is priceless.

Not the diamond ring I never got.
Not the lavish wedding reception we didn’t have.
Not the gifts you couldn’t afford to get.

What I now find invaluable and precious would have made me scoff at its insignificance years ago:

How you force your eyes open despite tiredness to give me a massage.
How you voluntarily take on more than you should just to make sure I live comfortably.
How you tell me that loving me is your privilege when I mostly feel nothing more than a leech growing little leeches within me.

I only wish for you to know how wonderful you have been to me, and how privileged I am to have you.

While I used to like change so that things will always stay fresh and exciting, you have been the one constant in my life – never forsaking me. And you are the one constant that I wish to always have in my life.

I love you.


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